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Since 1974 PPS has built its reputation on cost-effective legal-support services.  Work with us on a project basis or for ongoing legal-support services.  Based in Lafayette and Oakland, California, PPS serves California and nationwide.  Contact us to get started now.


  • Service of Process

    • Summons & Complaints

    • Subpoenas

    • Restraining Orders

    • Small Claims

    • Evictions ( Unlawful Detainers )

  • Evictions

    • Attorney Supervised Only

    • Free, Initial Consultation

    • Specializing in Oakland, Berkeley & S.F Rent Control Jurisdictions

  • Enforcement of Judgments

    • Garnishments

    • Bank Levies

    • Third Party Levies ( Receivables, Security Deposits, etc. )

    • Real Property Levies

  • Court Filings / Research

  • Document Recordation

  • Skip Tracing & Stakeouts

Legal Support Services & Specialties

Service of Process

We offer service of process with timely proofs. You can rely on the validity of our serves.  All of our process servers are bonded and registered.  Rush serves a specialty. 

Court Filing

We have the in-court experience to ensure that court filings are made on time with the conformed copies sent back in a timely fashion.  Have us pick-up daily or call us for a rush filing.

Document Prep

We're here to help on all forms of document prep including forms and template creation, scanning, archiving, data analysis, form generation and production.


Our experience pays in handling evictions and landlord/tenant disputes.  Our process servers are bonded and registered.  We work with multi-unit and single family building owners and mgt teams.

Project Based Work

Law firms rely on our experience to rapidly step in on a project with confidence to complete it with an eye for detail, even under tight deadline.  Simple project based billing.

Ongoing Support

Contract with us for daily pickup/drop-offs, deliveries, serves, court filings and more.  Call us to get started at 1-925-284-3990

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